Quick introduction:

My name is Carl Porter and I owned a betting review site that you may have heard of,

"Best Betting Reviews"…

Basically here I reviewed various betting systems that are available via the internet and book shops.

I’ve been a betting reviewer for over 10 years and I have seen absolutely everything!

Over the years I have been shocked at some of the rubbish that lands on my desk and now I’ve seen enough.

When I first started reviewing betting systems over 10 years ago, they were very unique and hard to come by, but now the internet is BIG business and every Tom, Dick and Harry are “making up” their own systems.

I get inundated with system upon system and to be honest I just can’t keep up, so…



It has took years of hard work, money and dedication to review so many systems, something that you don’t need to do because I’ve done it all for you!

Over the hundreds of systems I have tested only a handful really stood out from the others and after using them over and over again I recognised a pattern.

I could see that certain systems worked best depending on factors such as;



I used all of this knowledge, mix 'n' matching various variables from each system, trialling and testing hundreds of different combinations…then, on the 5th October 2016…




This research has taken me over 10 years and I now am proud to reveal my results.

Before I published the Power Bet System I contacted some dedicated followers to trial my product and this is what they had to say...





The Power Bet System is so accurate at picking winning horse’s you don’t need to pick a horse one by one and hope for a lucky win

I'm so confident in my selections I personally placed all of my bets in the morning and return later in the evening to collect my winnings!

Over the years I have seen every product going, guaranteeing that you’ll make thousands in just days!



I have taken out all of the heavy leg work, all you have to do is copy my selections

It’s not going to make you thousands in just days but it will give you an 'unfair advantage' and the 'upper hand' over the bookies!

This Very system earns me a very respectable income, I’m not a millionaire or mix with the richest people in the world, but what I can do is do what I want when I want…within reason, LOL.

So, what are you waiting for!

Take the 7 day free trial today and if you like the results, send me over an email with your request!







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